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A Place to Sleep

We are trying to solve one of the biggest problems to face our citizens in decades… housing. For years we have been convinced to overspend and over commit our resources just to have a decent place to live. We have been lured into a false sense of security cleverly disguised as a single family house.

Today’s houses are larger and more costly than ever. They burden our natural resources. After they are built they place an ever-growing burden on our pocketbooks and energy resources, because they are not built in an environmentally conscious way. If we save money on the energy that is required to operate the house, we free that money up so that it can actually improve someone’s life. Without paying careful attention to one’s budget, a devastating downturn is only a short distance away.

A Place to Sleep is attempting to show; through it’s designs and construction that affordable, sustainable housing can be built. By building appropriately sized houses, the overuse of materials is reduced. The individuals that live in these houses can also conserve valuable resources in order to preserve their foothold.

We are accepting monetary donations as well as buildings materials and labor.

For more information contact
Mike Wallace at or call him at 817-907-6115