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What have we achieved?

We have shown that it is possible to recreate the process typically used to build homes in order to build a safe, sustainable, affordable home that is once again within the reach of most families. This includes those that have been left out of home ownership because of conditions beyond their control. This includes economic, social and natural disasters.

What have we done?

We have constructed a “Proof of Concept” prototype structure, utilizing recycled steel as the basic modular frame. The Phase One unit contains a Bedroom, a Dining Room and a Living Room. We have provided an individual previously living at the Presbyterian Night Shelter in Fort Worth with a home. We have received International recognition for our efforts. We have overcome many small setbacks, mostly with agencies that misunderstand what it is we are able to do with this technology. As we move forward, we intend to demonstrate the specific solutions that will answer their concerns.

We have also been invited to join forces with an ever increasing number of interested individuals and groups that share the same goals. We intend on carefully selecting the company we keep in order to uphold our mission and grow our company at a sustainable pace. As some of these are outside our region of the country and some of them are in other countries, we have specific guidelines that we will follow.

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