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What is our new challenge?

We started with recycling! We use very “Green”, sustainable, building methods and materials, including Solar and Wind Energy. 

What are we working on now?

We will move our prototype unit to a permanent foundation and incorporate it with two additional modules into our model home currently under construction in Joshua, Texas. The “Joshua House”, is being built from three modules of recycled steel frames. It will be a brick veneer two-bedroom, one-bath home, with 1100 square feet and a traditional pitched roof. It will look like a traditional home.

Why do we need another model?

We want to show that we can build an affordable home without compromising property values in the area. We want to show that we can use a less expensive way to build a home and not compromise the style or the finish of the home. We want to show that we can build a home that’s safer and stronger than most other homes, that will use less energy than most other homes and that will be “greener” and more sustainable than most other homes. More importantly, we want to show that we can care for others to demonstrate the love of Christ.

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